Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Episode 11 Rebels at Work Lois Kelly Radical Centrist

Lois Kelly, International speaker, consultant and co-author of "Rebels at Work".
Rebels at Work - Lois Kelly
Creating Change from Within your organization
Rebels at Work - Lois Kelly
Creating Change From the Belly of the Beast

Can you be an effective Change Agent if you aren’t at the top of the corporate ladder?  

And answers that question with a resounding yes.

Few of us get to start at the top of the corporate ladder. Yet many of us have good ideas that could create real and positive change in the company where we are hoping to move up the ladder. But creating change when you don’t possess the “portfolio” of a member of upper management can be very intimidating - even terrifying. After all, those with a portfolio have some degree of protection built into the system. But if you are - perhaps just getting your feet wet - you may find yourself on very slippery ground in trying to bring about change. 

“Creativity is a renewable Resource” says Lois Kelly. If you’ve had one good idea, you are bound to have others as well. Take those ideas and make them


Uncover possibilities, build your change muscles
Lifelong communications and marketing strategist, working with leaders in Fortune 500 companies to "forklift thinking" on marketing, communications and team development. (Thanks to my HP executive client for the forklift descriptor.)
Co-founded the Rebels at Work movement with Carmen Medina, the most rewarding labor of love in my professional life so far. (More of my views, research and writing can be found at https://www.rebelsatwork.com/.)
Happiest when I'm facilitating workshops on change and resiliency, and infecting people with optimism and practices to achieve more than they ever thought possible.
Author and performance storyteller.
Certified in positive psychology; I believe in teaching evidence-based practices. No woo-woo, guru jargon.
Committed to growing wiser and wilder.
Top VIA Character Traits that guide my professional and personal life:  Honesty, creativity, bravery, appreciation of excellence, self-regulation, relationships, curiosity.

Make your idea community property
Don't worry about getting the credit.