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EP 35 Free Joseph Previews a new single "Leave Me Alone"

 EP 35 Free Joseph Previews a new single "Leave Me Alone"

Reggae musician Free Joseph has been planning for a US tour and the launch of his new CD "Believers and Non-Believers" and its been challenging trying to hit a moving target as he prepares. Nevertheless, the confusion over travel in the midst of a pandemic has not slowed his creative juices. He is currently preparing a video and launch of a new single "Leave Me Alone". Wayne King speaks with Free about the genesis of the sing and Free provides a sneak peak (Listen) to the song.

Listen here:

Dusk Impressions in Roseau Harbor, Dominica

Free Joseph is a singer, songwriter, producer and musician with a history in New Hampshire. In the 1990's Free lived with his partner Wini Dean who was a well-known figure in the Capital city as the owner of "Isis" a women's boutique on Main Street in Concord. His first CD, "He is Here" was produced in New London, NH by Cedarhouse Sound and Mastering during the period in which Free was a New Hampshire resident.

Born on the island of Dominica in the West Indies, Free's musical life was launched in 1969 when he began to express himself with the guitar, bass, melodica, bamboo flute, and piano. He twice won the highly coveted first prize of a national music competition in Trinidad and Tobago, while in the Caribbean.

In 1981, Free brought his musical wherewithal to the United States where his talents were immediately utilized as a gig musician. He performed from New York to California as a solo artist at venues with Joe Higgs, Burning Spear, The Wailing Souls, Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus and the legendary Augustus Pablo.

Despite these stellar creds, Free Joseph is most fulfilled when he can use all his creative talents and that means singing and playing with his band - The I Science Band. Free Joseph's overriding interest is to "give mankind soul searching music that can help heal the wounds of tribulation".

He has two critically acclaimed CDs and is hard at work on a new one at this very moment.

"Speaking in Tongues" is Free's instrumental album - a fusion of jazz and reggae. Here's what Chuck Foster of KPFK-LA Radio said about it: "Free's flute soars and floats, creating a gentle genre-bending style all his own. Relaxed & relevant, far-reaching and restful, peaceful and powerful music. New age? Smooth jazz? We call it reggae." 

Free's "He is Here" is more classically Reggae born of his roots and powered by life experience and years on the road, joyfully playing music of all sorts but always returning to where he knows he belongs. Order "He is Here" right here.

He is currently finishing work on his third CD "Believers and Non-Believers" due out very soon. It is a companion piece to Speaking in Tongues with lyrics to the instrumental stylings of Tongues.

To listen to songs from both "He is Here" and "Speaking in Tongues" visit Free's YouTube channel here.

If you would like to arrange for Free Joseph to contact you about performances in your area, please contact Free by email at You can also request to be added to his notification list for scheduled performances.

Free Joseph in the Banyan
Edition of 100 signed originals

Portrait of Reggae musician Free Joseph leaning against the roots and trunk of a Banyan tree on his native island of Dominica.

Printed as a signed limited edition original of 100, 16" x 24" on fine art rag paper

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Ep 34. "Stories from the Rolodex" - A Conversation with Beverly Stoddart and Ann Welch

 EP 34 "Stories from the Rolodex" - A Conversation with Beverly Stoddart and Ann Welc

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Show Notes:

Beverly Stoddart 

Ann Welch

Take a trip back into history with your kids, your students, your friends and neighbors with this fantastic collaboration between Author Beverly Stoddart and educator Ann Welch as they describe their collaboration built upon the extraordinary stories of journalists from United Press International in the latter half of the 20th century.

In the final days of the Boston office of UPI , Beverly Stoddart who was working for the Boston Herald wandered into the offices of UPI to satisfy her curiosity. She was captivated by a huge Rolodex still among the detritus of the quickly vanishing equipment and memorabilia and she inquired what was to be done with it.

When she was informed it would be thrown out Beverly immediately asked if she could have it, thus beginning a 20 year journey to "Stories from a Rolodex" where Beverly becomes investigative journalist to some of the most consequential investigative journalists of their time reporting on everything from integration and busing in Boston to the largest mass murder in New Hampshire history.

Finally, as if sharing these life-altering stories with us were not a generous enough act, Beverly teamed up with Ann Welch a curriculum development specialist (among many other things!) to build a study guide around the book and to offer it at no cost to teachers, parents and schools at no cost so that their work could serve as a template for experiencing the thrill of journalism and history first hand and learning to discern between real news and the fake news that now lurks in every corner of the Web.

Beverly Stoddart

Author, Writer, Speaker

Ann Welch, M.Ed.

Educator, Consultant, Speaker


United Press International

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Stories from the Rolodex Full Length REV

‘Stories from the Rolodex’ Is A Book Like No Other

Stoddart interviews people she found in the Rolodex she happened on when United Press International was shuttering its business in the space it rented at the Boston Herald minutes before midnight on December 3, 1982.

January 9, 2021 |

Author Bev Stoddart Talks ‘Stories from the Rolodex’ in Virtual Event Jan. 11

Beverly Stoddart joins Gibson’s Bookstore virtually to present her new book, Stories from the Rolodex: Important Figures of Journalism in Their Own Words, in conversation with author Dan Szczesny.

December 29, 2020 |

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"Own Your Work" A life-Journey toward a Low Carbon World - A Conversation with Green Energy Pioneer Paul Popinchalk



"Own Your Work"

A life-Journey toward a Low Carbon World

A Conversation with Green Energy Pioneer Paul Popinchalk

Listen here:


While this podcast features a conversation with sustainable energy pioneer Paul Popinchalk, you cannot help but notice that every step along the way has been beside his life partner and wife Nancy, whom he mentions regularly. It's fair to say that the journey he has been on is nothing if not a collaboration between two remarkable people who have had one another's backs through thick and thin.


Early in their professional careers Paul and Nancy - after the birth of their first child, Seth - discovered that the waste from the nuclear plant where Paul was employed had leaked from 3 of the 10 massive storage tanks where it had been stored, contaminating more than 50 miles of the Columbia river basin so completely that it was unsafe to even disturb the soil for fear of exposure to high levels of radiation. This and other cascading events caused a sea change in the lives of Paul and Nancy and set them on the path that has placed them in the vanguard of those working to create what Amory Lovins called the "Soft Path" to a low carbon future.


In a candid and soul-searching conversation, this Podcast brings us a rare look at the "ground-level" experience of scientists who chose to take a risk that they could help bring about a better future for their son and the sons and daughters of all of us. 


WPI Counterpoint Commencement Address

WPI Counterpoint Commencement - 04 - Paul Popinchalk


Paul was the "counterpoint" to a graduation speech by Rex Tillerson of Exxon.







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