Monday, August 21, 2023

The Sixth Passenger: David Concannon and the Oceangate Tragedy

 The Sixth Passenger: David Concannon and the Oceangate Tragedy

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Looking Back and Looking Forward.

Scheduled to be aboard the Titan, a business emergency sidelined David. Soon he was immersed in the efforts to help save the submersible.

Since June 18, 2023 the tragedy aboard the OceanGate Titan submersible remains a topic of discussion in gathering spots everywhere. David Concannon, "The Sixth Passenger" on the ill-fated Titan submersible, was scheduled to be the "Titanic whisperer" (my words not his - aka the subject matter expert) aboard the Titan when a last-minute business conflict forced him to give up his spot on the vessel's voyage to the shipwreck.

This podcast, his first extensive interview since the Titan Tragedy, represents an opportunity for David to look both backward and forward.

He recounts the events that transpired after the Titan was launched with five souls and when communications were lost; he reflects on the loss of the crew and the submersible, the inept, opaque and feckless approach of the US authorities in the Coast Guard, and the US Navy, and the frustration and heartbreak of the outcome when it was finally revealed.

And he makes the case for continuing the quest to explore the planet and the universe.

David Concannon
Attorney, Explorer,
Partner Concannon & Charles
Founder of Explorer Consulting
Former General Counsel to the Explorer Club International
VP of the Explorers Club
Member of the Apollo 11, F-1 Engine Recovery Project with Jeff Bezos
Board Member Holt-Elwell Memorial Foundation, Camp Mowglis, School of the Open

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