Saturday, April 3, 2021

Braver Angels Episode 20

Braver Angels


From the Braver Angels Website:

Politics is tough. It always has been. American politics is competitive, thrilling, frustrating – and infuriating. The stakes are high. Issues are important. Outcomes matter. This is why we care, and should care, about our politics.

But do our politics have to be demonizing? Does it have to bring out the worst in us? Do our politics have to destroy the goodwill of our society?

Last Light on the Mt. Washington Hotel


Is the dehumanizing of our fellow Americans something we should accept?

Affective political polarization (not only disagreement on issues but personal contempt and distrust) has been growing between us for at least 25 years. In other words the vitriol in American politics was a problem long before Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and the 2016 election.

Guardian of the Mahoosucs

Yet today, there is evidence to suggest that we are now as polarized as we have been since the Civil War. We are in what some are calling a “cold civil war” right at the moment when a spreading pandemic, vast economic trouble, and other national and global challenges call upon us to support each other like never before.

We do not accept this. 

At Braver Angels we do not accept this division. We reject the normalizing of this extreme polarization. We say no to the break down of political and social life that it brings. 

Our work is about restoring civic trust in the USA. It is about healing the wounds between left and right. It is about challenging institutions to be better, building community together, and discovering what it means to be American in our time. 

Our work is about supporting a more perfect union. Our work is about inspiring the beloved community. 

At Braver Angels, our work is about building a house united.


NH Chair

Doug Teschner

2100 Brushwood RD

Pike, NH 03780 USA

(603) 989-5429

Rainbow Over the Mahoosucs

Last Light on the Mt. Washington Hotel

Ice, Snow and Stone

Pale Lilies in a Platinum Storm

Thirteen Mile Woods Poster

Painted Skies Over Umbagog

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