Thursday, March 24, 2022

40 Going Deeper - Chris Kriesen Releases New Game Designed to Deepen Relationships & Build Bridges

 Going Deeper - Chris Kriesen Releases New Game Designed to Build Bridges and Deepen Relationships


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Kindred is an old school way to help address a very modern set of challenges.


When attorney Christopher Kriesen started his law firm Kalon in 2017 he wanted to found a different kind of law firm; one that was built around his vision of a better way to practice law, serve clients, and promote social good through entrepreneurship. Today, he leads the firm and serves as the ethics officer. He is also the founder of Cyrano, a story consultancy.


Kriesen has tried cases in State and Federal Court, has argued appeals before Connecticut’s Appellate and Supreme Courts, and has helped prepare amicus briefs on issues raising cases of first impression before the Supreme Court.


He is a trained mediator (Harvard Law School, Advanced Mediation Workshop, Program on Negotiation and the Quinnipiac School of Law Center on Dispute Resolution). He serves as an Attorney Trial Referee, Fact Finder, and Arbitrator in the Hartford Superior Court.

But his newest venture “Kindred” is quite a different approach to the same set of problems: Enhancing communication, building bridges, deepening relationships. Kindred is an experience, a game with social aims and a social message. Despite the wrapping, underneath we are all very much alike and if we share deeply enough with one another that will become clear and open up whole new avenues of communication and community.

Refreshingly, especially for those who are longing for more human interaction, it is not an app and does not require one nanowatt of electricity to play. In fact, one of the rules of the game is a simple command “Cellphones Off”!  Kindred comes as a deck of cards, perfect for your backpack or your back pocket and convenient for whatever venue you choose.

Knowing Chris, I presumed that both the name and the purpose of this game were very intentional and I was not disappointed. 

If you've been drinking from the firehose of bad news and dystopia that most of us have faced, this game sounds like a great way to get people communicating with one another again.

No APP, no phones, Just communication, pure and simple . . .  and perhaps some real community building in the process.

Kindred is a group experience 

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