Sunday, September 3, 2023

Garry Rayno: Keeping them Honest

 Keeping them Honest

Garry Rayno -

In his "Distant Dome" column this week, Garry Rayno explores conflicts of interest and ethics challenges in a citizen legislature. His column is a powerful case for the importance of the media in drawing attention to corruption and conflicts of interest.
Few things are more critical to our Democracy than oversight of the people we have elected to represent us. The hollowing out of the media - in this era of Facebook and Twitter - represents a grave danger to our republic.
We need a new paradigm for delivery of news and investigative journalism - especially at the state and local levels. I hope to speak with Nancy West of and another Representative from the newly formed Alliance for Nonprofit News Outlets (ANNO) for The Radical Centrist Podcast to find out more about how we can strengthen the frayed link between the media and our need for accountability at every level of government.
ANNO was spearheaded by Jason Pramas, executive director of the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism, and 16 other nonprofit news outlets across the country, including (
If you would like to suggest a question for the Podcast interview, please email or message me with your question and I'll try to get a response to your question during the Podcast interview.

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